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Tipstronic automated betting bot

Common questions

Tipstronic publishes tips through the day usually 30 minutes before the start of each race. TipstronicBot allows to plug Tipstronic’s tips into a number of betting automation software with tips automatically exported in a readable format as soon as they are produced through the day.

TipstronicBot can currently plug on BF Bot Manager whilst more bots are added to the system. Let us know if your favourite bot isn’t covered at and we will do our best to add it to the list.

1) In TipstronicBot: choose your strategy, Lite, Pro or Platinum based on your membership

2) Insert your Personal Account Number (PAC). It is your personal access to Tipstronic data. Get in touch at if you haven’t one already.

3) Start the tool and wait for confirmation message.

4) A file is automatically updated in your installation folder: tipstronicBot/BF_Bot_Manager/BF_BotManager_file.csv (if you use BF Bot Manager). The file will be populated with tips once available; usually 30 minutes before each race. One row with dummy data is shown is no tips are available.

Steps 1 to 4 shown below:

5) Point your BF Bot Manager to load BF_BotManager_file.csv

6) Set auto loading properties in your bot so that the file is loaded regularly by your bot (once every minute is usually good)

7) Manage bet placements in your strategy (choose between Limit orders or SP Limit orders). Two strategies (one for placing Standard limit orders and one for placing SP limit orders) can be loaded from ./TipstronicBot/BF_Bot_Manager/[SP_Limit_orders_strategy.gz or Standard_Limit_orders ]. Note that you can also setup your own strategies if you prefer.

8) It is strongly advised to initially test your strategy in SIMULATION MODE within BF Bot Manager.

Steps 5 to 8 shown below:

The bet placement is managed by your automation software, for instance BFBotManager. The tool allows you to either specify Limit order or SP limit orders. BFBotManager allows you to change many execution parameters. You can for instance change the timing of the bets placement. Tipstronic publishes its tips 30 minutes before the official start of each race. These tips are loaded on a regular basis (the refresh frequency can be set in BFBotManager). Once loaded BFBotManager allows you to change the time at which bets are placed. We usually recommend 15 to 20 minutes before the start of each race for greyhound races. The default value used in the BFBotManager strategy files provided with TipstronicBot is 15 minutes.


Change bet timing in BF Bot Manager:

If you use Tipstronic Lite or Pro the strategy parametrization is all set for you. The Platinum package allows to set criteria for selection and build your own strategy.

For Back strategy:

Select the minimum Quartz score to place a back bet. The higher Quartz the better the runner compared to its competitors.

Select the desired expected return that will set the minimum odds

For Lay strategies

Select the maximum Quartz score to place a lay bet. The higher Quartz the better the runner compared to its competitors.

Select the desired expected return that will set the maximum odds

Back test your parameters in our performance tool.

Several articles are available in our Blog

BF_Bot_Manager_file.csv can be as shown below for two reasons:

  1. No tips have been published yet for the day. Quartz scores, Back and Lay positions are published in the morning before 8am UK time. Target odds are published around 30 minutes before each race hence tips start populating this file around 30 minutes before each race
  2. The selection criteria are too strict (Platinum package) and no runner meets the conditions

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