Build your own strategy on greyhound races

Build the strategy that best suits you


Tipstronic is not your usual tipster. We have developed state-of-the-art models and make them fully available so you can calibrate your own strategy and better spot profitable bets. Contrary to most tipsters Tipstronic Platinum does not tell you who to back or lay as it all depends on the odds you manage to get. Instead, our models help you spot mispriced dogs.

In a nutshell, Tipstronic produces two key indicators:

  • Quartz score: A score between 0 and 1 that represents what we think is the strength of a dog versus its competitors. It is built using state-of-the-art data analysis and statistical modelling. The higher the score the better the dog.

  • Radar probability: The Quartz score is combined with the probability of each runner estimated by market participants. The Radar probability is the most accurate estimate of the winning probability of a dog and is used to determine whether a bet is profitable or not. We use the radar probability to estimate the expected return of a bet. How to convert Radar Probability and your desired expected return into target odds? We provide a calculator in the Premium section and the formula as well as explanations are here otherwise.

As a general approach we recommend backing runners whose Quartz score and expected return are both above a given threshold. When the Quartz score is low we recommend laying.

Use tipstronicBot to automate the placement of multiple small stakes across the 100+ daily UK greyhound races or bet manually. It is up to you!

How to use the tool: Every punter is different and has a different approach to risk. The tool below will calculate the risks and rewards of your own strategy. We like backing when the Quartz score is above 0.3 and expected return above 30%. If the score is less than 0.3 and expected return above 25% we lay. We therefore bet on average 90 times a day. But that’s just us. Some may prefer betting more often, even if their return on investment (ROI) is lower because it suits their style, others will prefer only placing a handful of bets every day and accept a different level of risk.

How to implement your strategy: The performance below reproduces an SP limit and standard limit orders strategies on Betfair.

  • Betfair SP limit strategy: We back (or lay) greyhounds whose quartz is above (or less) than our chosen limit, and we take the Betfair Starting Price (BSP) if it is above (below) the target odds. We do not bet if all conditions aren’t met. We factor in that we may take multiple positions in a given race and include the Betfair commission fee.
  • Betfair standard limit orders: We back (or lay) greyhounds whose quartz score is above (or less) than our chosen limit. We input a standard limit order on the exchange. The bet is assumed to be matched if odds have been matched at a better price on Betfair in the 20 minutes preceding each race (historical minute pre-race data freely available on Betfair). Betfair commission fee factored in.

You may want to implement the same strategy, your own variation of it or bet with bookies to try and beat the Betfair SP. By the way did you read our comparison of exchange vs bookies prices ?