Tipstronic publishes past performance for each strategy and also gives you the ability to test your strategy with your own parameters on real data! 

What strategy is best for you?

  • I am busy and don’t have much time: Go for our Lite strategy. Receive around 15 carefully hand-picked tips for the day. The strategy is back tested against the Betfair Starting Price but nothing prevents you from betting elsewhere or before the off and try to improve your odds. 


  • I have more time and want to bet more: Go for our Pro strategies. Choose your risk level and start betting! We give you each day back or lay instructions as well as target odds


  • I am a techy gambler, I love data and want to get more from Tipstronic: Go Platinum! Our model is fully open. Build your own trading signals online, tailor your strategy to your needs. Be in control.


Tipstronic strategies are benchmarked against the Betfair Starting Price (BSP) and include transaction fees.