Choose your risk !

Follow the strategy that best suits you


At Tipstronic we have developed state-of-the-art models and let you decide on the risk and reward level that best suits you. 

Choose your risk level between Low, Medium and High risk. You can also choose your allocation between backs and lays and test your strategy online!

How to implement your strategy:

Early morning: Tipstronic publishes its daily trading plan. This tells you which selections to back or lay. Of course some bets can change during the day as greyhounds are removed or added to a race. 

During the day: Tipstronic publishes updates as races change as well as target odds about 3 minutes before each race. 

How to place bets: It is your choice to place bets manually or using tipstronicBot to automate the placement.


How to implement your strategy: The performance below reproduces an SP limit and standard limit orders strategies on Betfair.

  • Betfair SP limit strategy: We back (or lay) greyhounds as per the Tipstronic odds, and we take the Betfair Starting Price (BSP) if it is above (below) the target odds. We do not bet if all conditions aren’t met. We factor in that we may take multiple positions in a given race and include the Betfair commission fee.
  • Betfair standard limit orders: We back (or lay) greyhounds as per Tipstronic instructions. We input a standard limit order on the exchange. The bet is assumed to be matched if odds have been matched at a better price on Betfair in the 20 minutes preceding each race (historical minute pre-race data freely available on Betfair). Betfair commission fee factored in.

You may want to implement the same strategy, your own variation of it or bet with bookies to try and beat the Betfair SP. By the way did you read our comparison of exchange vs bookies prices ?