Historical performance is THE most important factor to watch

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Many factors are at play but when picking your winner looking at historical performances is absolutely key.


The graph above shows the historical winning probability of dogs in relation to the difference of historical speed they ran at compared to the best in race.

As our research shows dogs who have run at the fastest pace compared to their competitors in the race have almost a 22% chance to win on average. Dogs who run 0.2 meters per second slower only tend to win 14% of the time. An important thing to note is that this statistic has been measured on UK greyhound races with 5 or 6 runners. Statistics will defer on races with more runners (although the general idea remains unchanged).

Of course that is only an average and many parameters, some of which are often overlooked should be taken into account.

Speed is the most important factor to watch but many others, such as weight, weight change, whether the dog ran recently, starting trap… are often overlooked by punters.

The analysis above is based on 5 years of UK racing history.

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